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May 2

Written by: host
5/2/2014 11:24 AM 

One thing we know from our work with people on the margins is that safe, stable housing is a key to building resilience and capacity, providing a foundation from which people can overcome many of the complex and interconnected issues that contribute to social exclusion. ANGLICARE’s annual Rental Affordability Snapshot released this month has again shown how difficult it is for people on fixed incomes or the minimum wage to break into the rental market to access such safe and stable accommodation.

Home as you and I experience it, is absent for many in our communities because they have experienced family and relationship breakdown, domestic violence, mental health issues, illness, disability or simple ill fortune. There are 115,000 Australians in this situation. Yet, as we take a wider view of those who have come to our shores because home is no longer a place of safety, let alone blessing, we see a world that is creaking under the load of need. I am so grateful therefore that as a supporter of ANGLICARE, you have shown a desire to do something about this need. Thank you.

I hope that you are encouraged by the work we are doing. Through our Take Love and Share the Benefit campaigns and many other programs and initiatives, we will continue to reach out to those we serve with the love of Christ and in his name, working alongside them to overcome the challenges they face and establish a foundation for opportunity, dignity and hope.

Grant Millard

Anglican Community Services
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