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May 2

Written by: host
5/2/2014 11:35 AM 

With nearly 20% of all Australians over sixty, there is a growing number of people who find that productive work seems to diminish as they age. What will it look like to 'Live Life' in the later years of life? The older we get the greater the number of 'yesterdays' we accumulate, and 'today' may increasingly leave us wondering about what the future will bring. If life's satisfaction and meaning is about what we achieve, or even what we do and the experiences we accumulate, then ageing will really challenge us and our purpose. What is the meaning of 'Today'?

As the Apostle Matthew records the last moments of Jesus' life, he recounts his interaction with two very different men who had no tomorrow and a whole lot of regrets about yesterday. (Read the story in Matthew 23: 39–43) The account tells of two men who hang on their own crosses, one either side of Jesus. Both are criminals. Both are suffering the punishment of their day for their crimes. Both have regrets for their yesterdays – neither wants to be where they are at that point in time! Yet for one criminal who acknowledges that he is getting what he deserves, 'Today' is a day in which he finds an eternity of possibilities opening up to him, even despite having no future in this life. Paradise is offered to him by Jesus.

The recognition that true life, a life worth living, no matter whether you have decades of it before you or like this criminal only a few hours, is found in hearing Jesus' voice 'Today' and turning to him in faith and repentance. Trusting in him is the only way that salvation can be found.

Regardless of age or circumstance, regrets for our yesterdays or fears for our tomorrows, we can find in Jesus 'today' someone who is eager to open up to us eternal possibilities beginning with forgiveness, grace and peace with God. May you experience his grace 'today'.

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