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Oct 27

Written by: host
10/27/2014 3:06 PM 

God is integrity. His love, his truth and his goodness are not governed by external circumstances or conditions – they never vacillate. Therefore, God’s character and the promises he makes are supremely worthy of our trust and commitment. He does what he says, and his love is always dependable.

Are you a person of integrity? It means to be whole; the same through and through.

So what does your life look like, inside and out?

Do you lie about little things or things you can get away with? Or are you training yourself in truthful integrity, starting with the incidental and the unseen? Do you exercise honesty when you get too much change or don’t get charged for something? Or are you diligent in paying what is due and receiving only what is owed?

We all have areas of life that we need to be mindful of, and whatever that area is and wherever we are prone to fail, we need to call on God’s help.

When you seek to operate in integrity, God will bless you as he did Joseph, the son of Jacob. In every level of testing, from the pit to the palace, Joseph never forgot his God and, like God, acted with integrity. For the full story, you could read Genesis 37: 39-47.

A Christ-like character is of great worth and eternal reward. Whether people acknowledge your character or not, God will. With integrity you have nothing to fear, since you have nothing to hide – this means no shame. With integrity you will seek to do the right thing – this means no guilt. With guilt and shame removed you are free to be and do your best to live for God and for others.

Integrity – such a powerful characteristic, to ponder on, to pray in, and to practice daily. 

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