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Sep 29

Written by: host
9/29/2015 1:57 PM 

On July 1, 2015 Anglicare passed a significant milestone in the reform process that is taking place across the aged care sector with the introduction of ‘client-directed care’ (or which Anglicare refers to as self-directed care). Self-directed care sees government funding that in the past would have been provided to organisations providing community aged care services provided instead to older Australians (based on need) to empower them to have more choice and control over the types of supports and services they would like to receive.

Anglicare has been very supportive of this reform process over the last five years as it provides dignity, empowerment and choice to older Australians. Nevertheless, it is a significant change in the way services are delivered, and Anglicare has committed a great deal of time and energy in re-aligning our community aged care services to work as effectively as possible within this new framework.

Importantly though, Anglicare remains absolutely committed to providing our community aged care services in a way that aligns closely to our mission to provide Christian care and which recognises all people as being imbued with dignity and worth as image bearers of the living God. We look forward to continue providing value-based, person-centred Christian care to older Australians in their home.

Grant Millard
Anglicare CEO  

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