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9/29/2015 2:25 PM 

For Anglicare the service world is changing. With the ageing of the Australian population comes a number of health challenges which place a high demand on health services, community support services and residential aged care. So, the government is reforming the way Australia does aged care in the community. The focus will be on the individual who will be given a funding package to purchase whatever services they are assessed as requiring. It will give each person seeking service support choice in who provides what service, how often and when.

Not only will this new service model be very focused on the person at the very centre of the service delivery but the government is planning on increasing the amount of funding for this project from around 66,000 places to 100,000 nationally by 2017. Anglicare is very supportive of these reforms as they will increase support services, improve recognition of carers, give greater in-home support for those with dementia and better assist us to support the frail and/or aged in our community.

But what does this mean for you?

If you, or your relatives or friends are ageing and can see the need to increase support to stay at home longer, under these new packages you will be able to access a range of services, chosen and controlled by you, to give you peace of mind. You will see that Anglicare has a suite of support services, delivered by dedicated, caring staff that will make a difference and help maintain independence and well-being. These services include preparing meals, domestic assistance such as house cleaning, transport, monitoring medication, personal care, counselling or advocacy should you need it and respite – either in the home or in the community.

We recognise that you have been uniquely created by God and thus need services tailored to suit you. We are committed to an approach where you decide what types of home services you would prefer.

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