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Jun 23

Written by: host
6/23/2016 8:18 AM 

My sister used to wonder whether or not God really existed. One day, on the Manly ferry, she prayed, “God, if you exist, make North Head move to South Head.” I think you can guess what didn’t happen.

If God had really answered this prayer I wonder what the consequences would be. It would have turned the “laws of nature” on their head for a start. But then, miracles do that. It would have meant some huge fracture in the earth perhaps creating more consequences for the whole globe. It would have meant some big consequences for the people living on North Head. More big consequences, more than I can imagine, for the effect on the Harbour. Maybe my sister would have been convinced of God’s existence but over time, most people would find other explanations.

When I ponder what God did for us in sending His own Son, I am staggered and can’t fully comprehend how He did it. The Bible tells us that God is love. This is an eternal attribute. Something that existed in the Trinity before God created the universe. The Father loves the Son and the Spirit. The Son loves the Father and the Spirit. The Spirit loves the Father and the Son. What happened on the cross is that bond of love was broken. The Son became sin and was forsaken by the Father. What greater fracture in the universe can there be than this? I can’t comprehend how the universe survived. The eternal Trinity Himself was fractured.

There is no greater miracle than this. Somehow God did the unimaginable to bring about reconciliation between us and Him. There is no other miracle to look for. God has done it all. If you want a personal miracle to make you believe that God really does exist, look no further than the cross where Jesus hung in our place and then defeated death in resurrection so that we might not simply know that God exists, but so that we might have deep, lasting peace and personal fellowship with God.  

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