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Dec 13

Written by: host
12/13/2016 7:36 PM 

Just before he was about to lay down his life in love, Jesus spent an extraordinary night with his disciples, strengthening, teaching and preparing them for an earth shattering change. In John 14 Jesus says to them, “I have spoken these things to you while I remain with you....Do not let your hearts be troubled or fearful.”

Jesus calls them to trust and obey through times of change and trouble. This might seem strange to our ears, attuned to a world that says, “If you love me you won’t ask me to change, you will love me just as I am.” There is an assumption that there is no room in true love for wanting us to become something or someone else. How different it is with Jesus who loves us and so calls us to obedient change.

Jesus sets his love upon us by obediently dying for us, that we might be saved. In this act of love, Jesus invites us into a relationship that is precisely about us changing and becoming somebody else. Jesus sets his love on us igniting within us a love for Him. His love demands change. For those who have been captured by the love of Jesus, this call to obedience is not threatening but full of promise. For the one who calls us to change and obey, is the very one who loves us as no one else can. An eternal love that delights, protects, serves, honours and values. Having been loved like that and remaining in that love, even through times of change, this is the way to be blessed, to be happy in Jesus, to trust and obey.

Andrew Ford
General Manager, Mission & Partnerships  

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